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Sitting in the lobby of the Rad abusing the free wifi before I go back to the hotel I'm actually staying in.

Today has been weird. I stayed at Jaina's last night which was awesome, as I haven't seen any of my peeps since Feb and I miss them all. We watched The Cube and other randomness and then kept chatting for ages.

This morning I left somewhere around 9.30, which was weird thing number one. Arriving at a con on Saturday morning is strange. I saw Fiona straight away though, and we watched a couple of talks together before I decided to skip Alessandra's as I wasn't that interested. Jonathan's talk was good - he spent a large portion of it mocking the awful play he did, and picking up on all the plot holes that had amused us so much. So glad he knew it was bad!

Went back in for Aaron Douglas and Bodie Olmos, who amused as expected, then skipped the last talk and went to the hotel with (via McDonalds) to watch Community and Parks & Rec on my laptop. Skipping talks was the next weird thing - usually I can handle talks even from people I've never heard of, but eh, I'll see them all tomorrow in better combinations.

Watched Doctor Who, had a nap, then came back for fancy dress.

And have been sitting in the lobby ever since! Fiona is the only person here's I know and it's been so long since I've done a con solo I feel all lost!

Jonathan walked past about 5 minutes ago and looked at me sitting in my comfy chair, stopped walking and stared at me like he was imagining me before saying hello, that he hadn't seen me before and he's glad I came. Then he hit me on the head and apologised due to being drunk. Bless!

Think I might go to bed soon. This was meant to be like two sentences.
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