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Today has been randomly productive. Which nobody at work will believe when I go in tomorrow. I stayed up until 4am talking to [ profile] playfullips - it was like old times! - and then got up before noon and took my car to get a free tyre check at the ATS so I know if they need replacing before I get my MOT done. The back ones are fine but the front ones are getting low on tread depth, so I need to remember to order a set of front tyres to be waiting at the garage when I go for my service/MOT at the start of Nov.

Then I spent the whole day on Wii Fit while catching up on TV things. It has apparently been 418 days since I last used Wii Fit, oops. I had a lot of fun though, I just can't walk now.

I took Mam to her friend's house after that, so I was actually dressed for the better part of 10 hours. Very unusual for me on my day off!

I'm watching far too many new TV shows. The Playboy Club being cancelled has eased that a little, at least. And now Glee's off for a month (sadface) so that lightens up my Wednesdays for a while, and by then hopefully I will have come to a decision about whether to stick with Ringer or not. Or maybe had that decision made for me. We'll see.
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