naughtyelf: (Darren - Out (blue))
naughtyelf ([personal profile] naughtyelf) wrote2011-07-18 04:04 pm
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And I got your number, right next to your name.

I keep thinking I'll make a post about the things I've done since my last post. I keep meaning to, and then don't, and I was like "It's fine, as long as I do it before San Diego that's fine."

Except I leave to catch my bus to catch another bus to sit around in Starbucks at Victoria for five hours before I go to Heathrow to fly tomorrow, at 11pm tonight, and I haven't, and it's increasingly likely that I'll ever get around to it.

Oh well! See you when I get back!

(Or more likely, I will update here more than I have done for months because we'll be sitting in queues with nothing better to do. That's what happened last year!)

Also, I have a Darren Criss mood theme now and it's distracting. :D

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